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Pulled over for Speeding

Pulled over for Speeding

Here's a story that might help some of us in our time of need:

A cop pull over a guy for speeding and approaches the vehicle.
"Can I see you driver license please sir?".
"Sorry officer I don't have a license anymore."
"Why is that" the officer asked.
"Well, they took it away after my 5th DUI".
The officer's eyebrows raised, "Is that so". "Well, let me see the registration for the vehicle please"
"Can't help you there either, officer, when I put my gun in the glove box I noticed that there wasn't a registration slip in there".
Becoming slightly alarmed, the officer placed his right hand on his holster.
In an agitated voice, "Is this even your vehicle and why would you be carrying a gun?".
"Well, actually no it isn't officer, you see right before I placed the gun in the glove box I shot the owner and stole the car".
At this point the officer had drawn his gun and stepped back several feet from the car, weapon pointed at the man. With his portable radio he called for back up. Several minutes went by and soon back up arrived.
Surrounding the vehicle, weapons drawn, they slowly approached the vehicle.
This time the captain approached the vehicle.
"Sir, I'm going to need to see some ID, can I see your license?"
The man answered, "Why of course officer, here it is" he reached into his pocket and produced a valid license.
Slightly puzzled the captain said, "We heard you had a weapon in the vehicle's glove box and carried no registration".
"That's silly officer", reaching in the glove box he produced the registration. "Here it is officer, what seems to be the problem?"
The officer had seen there wasn't a gun in the glove box, looking at the registration it matched the license so he was really confused now.
"Well, sir, there seams to have been a mistake, we were told you killed the owner and stole this vehicle and that you still had the weapon in the vehicle".
"That's totally crazy captain, your officer probably told you I was speeding too!"

John Weber
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