Alignment Recommendations

Alignment Recommendations

Here is what I have found to work well:

Road Race:
2 degrees negative in the rear, 1.5 negative in the front.
Toe set to close to zero, slight toe in, if any
Caster around 3.

Autocross and Street use:
1.2 degree neg in camber for the front 1.5 in the rear

If you dont believe me, I'll give you hundreds of tire temp readings, at different tracks all over California and show you great wear patterns, great handling, and even temps across the tires. And remember, I drive to the track still, so I have freeway mileage on the Kumos as well.

Ride hight is as low as you can go, especially for the road racing. Ballpark is fine for most all applications except hard core road race. One finger spacing on the front tire to the bottom of the front fender, rear fender sits slightly over rear tire by about half the side wall. This will work out to be 150mm rear ride hight and 140 front ride hight. This is a good all purpose right hight setting. Dont get too caught up in cornerbalancing unless you are very hard core into the road racing scene, as 928s are pretty balanced naturally.

Mark Kibort
928 part euro track car 5 liter going SPEEDVISION at SEARS POINT July 2001.
928 79 enduro car having its first race with BMW/Porsche challenge June 30, 2001 at Thunderhill.

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