Wire Harness Connector Pinout

Wire Harness Connector Pinout

I had a problem getting my 79 convertible running after almost 2 yrs of sitting disassembled. While we were pulling the motor out, the main engine wire harness separated at its connector near the + bat terminal on the passenger fenderwell. The wires came out of the bottom clip and had gotten shifted around loosing their proper orientation. I spent about one hour digging thru the manuals, tracing wires and
components to determine the correct sequence. Here is the order for future reference (if anyone is as unlucky as I was). One caveat, I'm not sure all years are compatible, but the 78-84 seem to match.

The connector is about 1" X 2" brown plastic, numbered 1-14. Even numbers labeled on one side, odd on the other. The connector mates the engine harness to the vehicles harness and supplies +12v to the various items.

#1 solid blue. goes to the Alternators B+ terminal
#2 blue/blk. Oil pressure sender unit
#3 blue/yellow. coolant temp sender
#4 blue white. oil pressure sender unit
#5 blue/green. coolant temp sender
#6 blue/brn. engine oil switch
#7 2 red/whites'. WUR and Sup air valve
#8 unused
#9 black. AC and AC pressure switch
#10 blk/yellow dot. Starter to resistor
#11 unused
#12 unused
#13 unused
#14 2 yellows. Large yellow-starter to fuse block; small yellow- to cold start valve

89 GT
87 S4
84 S
80 Euro
79 Convertible

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