Alignment Settings

Alignment Settings

I am having the 928 aligned and corner balanced on Monday. What is the recommended settings for a 928 used mostly on the street, but does a half dozen DE events? A few people have stated that -1.4 or -1.5 camber at all four corners and leave the toe at stock setting.
Any suggestions?

John Veninger
1990 928GT

I'm currently running:

Front Camber: -1.2
Front Caster: 4.0
Toe : .15
Rear Camber : -1.3
Toe : .17

After 4k miles (14 track days!) on my BFGoodrich g-Force KD's, I'm down to 4/32nds tread on the outside of the fronts and 3/32nds on the insides. However, the outside 'crown' is worn down to the point where the tread is separating. So, I'm planning on changing the front camber to -1.5. Also, I'm getting some sawtoothing on all four wheels so I'm also planning on reducing toe to .08 or so. The rear tire wear seems to be very good - about 6/32nds on the outside and 5.5/32nds on the inside, so I'm planning on leaving the rear camber at -1.3. I suspect I tend to overdrive the car in corners which accounts for the increased front wear - I'm told most people wear out the rears faster than the fronts. Maybe I just don't do enough burnouts.


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