Idle Adjustment on '85

Idle Adjustment on '85

>I have an 85S which just had the valve cover gaskets, plugs, wires, etc.
>replaced. The car used to idle at 650 RPM's before this work. Now it
>idles at 500 RPM's and my mechanic says it is the O2 sensor. Can I just
>raise the idle and then check the sensor?

1) Look just under the cross-bar and find the round plastic cover. Open the cover to expose three electrical connectors. Jumper the one at 2:00 o'clock to the one at 6:00 o'clock - this temporarily disables the idle control system.

2) Look at the throttle body between the first and second intake tubes, just on the passenger side of center, and find the idle adjust screw. Set the idle to 650 rpm (engine warm, A/C off).

3) Remove the jumper wire - the idle should be stable at 650 rpm.

The oxygen sensor has very little to do with the idle speed.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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