Front Crankshaft Seal Replacement

Front Crankshaft Seal Replacement

In all the notes/web pages on doing belt, water pump etc, I haven't seen anybody say much about doing the front seal. Is it that trivial? The bookshows a special tool to install I think? How does one get the old out safely? I suspect I will have to do it, as the front is oily (but not enough to drip yet).

John Pitman
83 Euro S A/T White/white 41K Mile

The front seal is somewhat trivial. It can be dug out with a seal digger (small t-shaped hook tool with plastic coating). The usual disclaimer is that if you dig up the shaft while removing you will do more harm than good. The new seal goes in very easily but you want to lube it with EP grease or Mobil 1 before putting it in or the new seal lip will be toast in the first few minutes. There is a special tool for driving the new seal in but old hacks like me just slowly work it in with a properly carved dowel. Some others have made push tools using the correct sized PVC plumbing pipe as a drift. It doesn't take much force to get the new seal in.

Jay Kempf
79 US 5ish speed

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