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Steering Wheel Recovering Services

Steering Wheel Recovering Services

AGLA's ad sounds good -- fresh leather on the wheel. Has anyone had any
experience with them?



Last year I sent my wheel for recovering. When it came back I was not happy with the job. Too many of the stitches were loose and the edges in many places either didn't meet or overlapped... it was just a sloppy job. Alan Gunn got involved and said he had not inspected the wheel before it was sent to me because he was out of town... they redid the job and I was MUCH happier with it. As Alan is quick to point out, no re-stitching job will be the quality of the original factory work, but for the money it is a great way to restore the original look of the wheel for your shark.

I have seen some wheels re-done by owners that are truly outstanding, but those folks put weeks (and lots of pain and anguish) in to the job... I wasn't willing to do that. If faced with the same need to re-cover the wheel today, I would again choose AGLA. It's tough to beat the value of what they do. You might want to check with a local auto upholstery shop to see what they would charge, just for the heck of it. Good luck!

- michael

1988 928 S4 A/T RMB -->
Cassisrot Metallic/Burg.

Please check out my Stuttgart Swapshop Recovering Services page at:

I use the AGLA kit, which is very good (though sometimes needing a little trimming and careful fitting), give a year warrantee on my labor (plus the year AGLA gives on their leather), and have had several satisfied customers. My output is pretty limited as I still can't rely on Stuttgart Swapshop to pay the bills (especially those Porsche Obsession-related ones), and I have a couple of things 'in the pipeline', though only one at the moment that appears to be ready to start in the next couple days. I also have a selection of used wheels that can be purchased as is or recovered.

Contact me for more info (really need to put a FAQ up on the site, but as I said, the day job keeps gettin' in the way).


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