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Horn only Sounds if Steering Wheel is Turned

Horn only Sounds if Steering Wheel is Turned

>My horn sounds only when I crank the wheel to the far left.
>So when I want to honk, I usually have to make a quick lane
>change. ;) I removed the three spoke pad and saw no frayed
>wires or the like. I suspect it will require a more thorough
>examination. Any suggestions?"

I had the same problem on my 87........after looking and trying turned out to be the little boomerang shaped piece of plastic that the brass horn contact strip is attached to. The plastic piece is held on by a rivet and it loosens to the point that the piece and its horn ring move along with the steering wheel and the contact won't line up meaning no horn.

The fix is to lineup the piece correctly and keep it there....... used a hot glue gun and put a dab on either side of the plastic piece to keep it still........been working I can beep at people I know without swerving into the next lane :^)

Just pull the horn pad straight out and used a 27 mm short socket to remove the nut holding the steering wheel on and slide off the will see the piece right in front of glue gun, or your fix of choice and replace.

Good luck, Dan 87 5 speed w/RMB & cat by-pass

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