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Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Upper Control Arm Bushing Replacement

Hi all,

My '89 S4 AT just failed its annual MOT (safety) check on rear driveshaft gaiters [CV joint boots] and front upper control arm (upper wishbone) bushings. I dug through the archives, and nobody seems to have found a cheaper solution than the horribly pricey Porsche complete arm assembly.

Anyway, Porscheshop ( sell rebuilt ones for 198UKP plus tax and a 75UKP core charge. Porsche is 450UKP .... ouch.

Hope this helps someone.
Ian Finlay

Wasn't there some conversation about polyurethane
bushes that were available to rebuild your own?


The polyurethane bushings come from Australia, a gentleman named Paul Grey

He lists bushings for BMWs at

I have installed them on my '83 928S upper control arms, but I am still reassembling the car. I plan to post my results as soon as I'm finished.

Vince Maddon

I have met Paul and purchased the Bushings from him and also Upper and Lower for my B12 Alpina.
Very trustworthy and dependable.

Garry Sullivan
83 928S Zinnmetallic (Aus)
84 928S Platinum Metallic (USA)

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