Door Locks wont Stay Unlocked (or Locked)

Door Locks wont Stay Unlocked (or Locked)

Randy Page wrote:

> Hello All,
> A while back I replaced the inner door handle mechanism which had broken
> on my 87. Now, it seems that something is misaligned because whenever
> I unlock the doors electronically (using the "key" button on the dash or
> my aftermarket keyless entry) the locks cycle through unlocked and then
> back to locked. I have also noticed that when using my key to unlock
> the door from the outside it is very difficult to get it all the way to
> the unlocked position.
> So, before I go back in there, does anyone have any BTDT advice as to
> what to look for?

Sounds like one of the doorlock motors needs to be slid either fore or aft a bit, not sure which. When one of the doors is unlocked, the motor might not be getting turned far enough to trigger the appropriate voltage change, so it makes the doors cycle back to locked. I had the reverse problem on mine, and fixed it by moving the doorlock motor. Although it only stayed fixed for about six months, and is now doing it again (perhaps I didn't tighten the bolts enough and the motor slid one way or the other? I dunno. Seems to be a common problem though).

86 5spd

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