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Suspension Upgrade Options

Suspension Upgrade Options

928 Specialists have something called "Polyurethane Greaseable Front Sway Bar Bushings" which they say has "The same effect as buying a larger Front Sway bar."

I'm always looking for ways to improve my beast for less than $1000 a pop, but is this a case of you get what you pay for ($25)? Does anyone have any experience with these to share?

Thanks, TJ
86.5 AT Weisgold Metallic

I am thinking about upgrading my GTS' suspension system. I have seen that the Big Three offer several products, from the Sway Bar Bushings offered by 928 Specialists to thicker front sway bars, front/rear sway bar adjustable drop links and of course, coilover packages.

My objective is to have less body roll and a firmer front-end bite without significantly increasing the stiffness of the springs. Has anyone out there tried or installed thicker front sway bars and rear adjustable drop links who can share with me/us their experiences? Has the installation of such devices affect toeing or geometry in any way? Any perverse effects known?

'93 GTS

First, recognize that I am a biased source, for obvious reasons - but I am also honest.

My recommendation for anyone is to try these suspension improvements in stages. (Note that this is MY recommendation - David may disagree with me, and he is more knowledgeable in this area by far!)

Stage one - Sway Bar Bushings.
Cheap - $24.50 plus shipping.
Sharpens up the turn-in very nicely.
Reduces body roll slightly.

Stage 2 - Above plus Rear Adjustable Drop Links
$168.75 plus shipping.
Reduces body roll - adjustable.
Reduces oversteer - adjustable.

Stage 3 - Above plus Front Adjustable Drop Links
$175 plus shipping.

The combined Stage 3 package allow you to adjustably stiffen the roll pretty noticeably. Turn-in will be very sharp, the car will be very responsive. You need to recognize that you are reducing the independence of the suspension - a bump on one side is now transmitted to both sides more than was the case before the modifications. This harshens the ride slightly - not nearly as much as stiffer springs, though.

Stage 4 - Above plus new shocks.

Stage 5 - Above plus new springs. Stages 4 & 5 are combined with coilovers.

There is more info on our web site at

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

[Please know that the above prices were quoted October 2001 and may not reflect current pricing]

Wally is right on but for one thing. I found that adding rear streroids increased oversteer noticably on my GT. The roll stiffness was enhanced, and the handling on the street did get much more precise without any significant increase in ride harshness, but on the track, I ended up lapping slower to keep the car pointed right when using the steroid drop link attachments. I found just using the adjustable links in the stock mounting position to be best, for my car set-up. The suspension package an individual driver finds most suitable will differ from car to car and driver to driver.

The incremental approach that Wally advocates is also a good way to approach enhancing the handling of your car. If you do the whole thing at once, you can't really tell what is doing what, but if you add things in stages, you will learn how the parts interact to affect the total handling of the car.

I found it really inetersting to start learning about how to adjust the handling of my car. Every time you change one thing, all the other things behave differently, also. Also, when you start increasing the traction and cornering forces on the car by adding more accurate suspension and better tires, you will tear off the front sway bar mounts, if they are not already cracked and ripped. Check those and re-inforce them when you add a sway bar stiffener.

Don Hanson

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