Windshield Cowl Panel Removal

Windshield Cowl Panel Removal

>anyone know how to remove the windshield cowl panel? are there more than
>the two bolts under the corners of the hood? do the fenders need to come
>off? mine has some corrosion and needs to be repaired/repainted...

I had mined repaired two months ago for the same reason. It came out looking good. Use finger pressure or a piece of wood and a hammer to remove the black windshield trim pieces, starting at the bottom. Remove the wiper arms. Remove the two screws and two bolts that hold the cowl panel in place. It should then come right off.

I also replaced the rubber gasket with a new one. It was a real pain to get the new one on correctly. It took me over 30 minutes of struggling with it to finally get it properly in place on the cowl panel.

The rubber washers under the bolts can be replaced with new ones from Home Depot, etc.

Also, I cut new pieces of felt to go between the cowl panel and the base of the windshield since the old ones were wasting away.

While you're in there, it's also a good opportunity to clean and lube the wiper linkages and the drive shafts.

Good Luck,

+Greg Nichols
Alexandria, Virginia
'87 928S4 5-speed, Venice Blue Metallic

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