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Coilover Upgrade Results

Coilover Upgrade Results

I put the bilstein/eibach coilover setup in my car with the rear drop links and poly bushings up front with a carbon fiber strut brace. It was a bit of shock at first. ( no pun intended)

good news: the car handles like its glued to the road. it's pretty much level through any turn at most speeds. Body roll was virtually eliminated. High speed touring is an absolute driving a surgical instrument. The car gives new meaning to the phrase "power curve". It does tend to oversteer a smidge more than before but that's to be expected I guess with a stiff suspension.

bad news: driving on anything but smooth roads becomes a bit of a kidney jarring experience. You really have to actively drive to avoid every little pock mark in the road. Things are starting to loosen up a bit here and there in the car due to less cush from the suspension. Its noisier.

I took off the bracket on the drop links essentially giving me a stock rear set up. That helped. If I ever get the time/inclination, I'd go in and adjust the shocks to their softest setting.

Retrospectively, I should have done the drop links first to see how I like them, then made a decision about the coilovers. I actually wish I'd investigated a club sport spring set-up too. Should have done incremental mod's instead of full metal jacket. I guess it all depends on where you do most of your driving. Oh well, it's only time and money...we all have plenty of that don't we!?! =^ /

Also, I really wish I'd popped the extra cash for the externally adjustables now.

my $0.02

87S4 schwarzhai

I got the Bilsteins from 928intl. I have a difffernt car now. I dont drive on a road, i feel like i drive on a set of rails! I thought about the adjustable KONIS but unless you get the externally adjustable ones you have
to take them off the car each time to adjust them from what i hear. Plus, it depends what "level" you are at drving wise. I had no need for adjustable coilovers. For me if it says adjustable i will mess with it until im blue in the face trying to find the right set up. Bolt'm up and leave'm is what ive done...very happy with them. I believe the Bilstiens have a lifetime warranty as well. Plus, they are a cool gold color : )

i have pictures on my link below...under "NON ROUTINE MAINTENANCE"

1987 S4 Auto 83k
281-hp 291-ftlbs
Las Vegas

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