Weight of S4

Weight of S4

Weighing in at 3680 87s4 auto...1/2 a tank of gas and driver

I went to a landscaping rock place today south of Vegas. You buy the boulders/rock by weight. Drive in out with a load...the difference is the weight of the rock.

Anyway..i got out of the car, stood on the scale...180pds, yup, thats me. I asked the kid if i could just drive on and weigh my car for the heck of it (thats what i went there to do anyway : ) )...he said sure! CAR..ME...1/2 tank of gas...tool kit...NO SPARE OR PUMP...3680 lbs so that puts the car alone at 3500lbs

Just FYI stuff and a easy "weigh" for folks to get there car weighed with reasonable accuracy!

1987 S4 Auto 83k
281-hp 291-ftlbs
Las Vegas

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