Fuel Injector Hose Removal, 928S

Fuel Injector Hose Removal, 928S

I was inspecting the engine today and I see that the left side fuel rail to injector hoses have seen better days. I did not see any clamps, just brass rings on either side. How does one take off these hoses?

I am planning on replacing them with regular fuel hose plus clamps.


What year? I aasume you are talking a 16 valve engine (conidering what you are describing does not exist on the 32 valve engines). I had the same problem execpt mine actuall blew out the fuel real (thank god it didn't catch fire). The fuel rail and injectors all come off as one assembly. After that all you do is take a really strong set of cutters and very carefully snip off the brass rings. I know this sounds a little scay so be careful. After the rings come out (you may need to cut the hoses off first) everything goes back together and back in. You may also want to replace all of the injector seals (both the big orings and the little small ones in the bottom (you can get them as a kit from almost any auto parts store).

Good Luck

85 EuroS
90 GT

The removal instructions in the Service Manuals (pg. 24-13) say:
1. Cut off hose sleeve with metal snips
2. Burn off hose with a soldering iron and pull off

I think the recommendation of the 'burning off'(!!) is to prevent you scoring the barb fitting with a blade. I did use a soldering iron as described and it worked quite well. If you buy the 'Injector Rebuild Kit' (928 110 903 00) it comes with short sections of hose and clamps, as well as a couple of seals. The brass rings seem to be a 'factory-only' deal.

Eric Buckley
83S 5Spd. Red

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