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Reverse Lights Don't Illuminate

Reverse Lights Don't Illuminate

1) The fuse is good, my rear wipers do work.

2) The bulbs also work. The reverse light, as I found after I posted my message, sometimes work, but mostly doesn't. I was surprised to see them work, then I put the car into Park then back to Reverse and it doesn't work again.

It's probably the backup light switch. Where is the backup light switch located?

'84 928S

It's the box bolted to the transmission where the shift cable attaches on the passenger side of the transmission.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

Automatic cars have a neutral safty switch , dash light indicator switch (85 >), back up switch ... all in one. Mounted to the trans where the shift cable attaches so when the cable moves the switch switches ..

Jim Bailey
928 International

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