Identifying a Euro car in the US

Identifying a Euro car in the US

A friend of mine is looking into an 83 euro. Besides the side marker lights how can you identify it really is a euro with the high horse engine.

Mark Baistrocchi 88 auto venice blue


look for ZZZ in the vin as the 4th through 6th digits. if it has JB0 then its not a euro. also the headlight adjustment knob and the rear fog light can be indications. the the vin the real truth teller.

'91 GT

Since it is the motor which makes it attractive, be sure it still has a euro S engine. Locate the engine number stamped on the top of the engine block near the passenger head. To be an S it must be a M28/09 , M28/10 , M28/11 or M28/12. Any other motor type is not a 16 valve S engine. If there are no numbers it could be a replacement block or engine. Typically it would be US spec 9.0 compression. Also note that often when a euro camshaft breaks the engine will usually get the smaller US camshafts. Porsche has a policy of not ordering any Euro spec parts of any kind, so often US parts are used. A lot can happen to a car in 17 years. Knowing how it started life is only part of the information. It is worth
mentioning that all grey market cars can have registration issues depending on the State and how completely the federalization was done. One of my customers spent nearly $5,000 getting an 84 Euro certified for California. Another shipped his car back to New york after finding it could not get registered here.

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